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I moved to Dallas from a medium sized town in Louisiana in 2003 for a job. I lived in North Dallas for the first 3 years that I was here and moved to the downtown/uptown area about 3 years ago. It took me a while to acclimate to the whole scene in Dallas, so I decided to create this blog to help speed up the process for people like me.

Friday, January 30, 2009

GO!! GET OUT!!!!

Get out of your apartment, get out of your comfort zone, get out of your box, whatever you do GET OUT!!! You will never meet people in this town if you don’t do anything. Take it from me, I lived in North Dallas for a couple of years and the first year of it was spent going to work, coming home and staying in. Guess what, I had about 6 friends the entire first year I lived here and 3 of them were from my home town. GET OUT!! I am a very social person, but I don’t really like to put forth the effort. I’m socially lazy, I love to hang out, but I don’t like to actively reach out to people. It took me almost 4 years to realize you have to do that in this city. Sure if you’re a guy and you actively seek out guys to become friends with some will think you are gay (newcomers, do not practice this on Oaklawn, we will go into this in a later entry), and if you are a girl you will have a hard time finding good girlfriends to hang out because women are generally bitches to other women they initially meet, but this is part of the process of finding good friends in Dallas. For every 75 people you make an effort to hang out with, one will become a good friend. Almost all apartments in Dallas have social functions a couple of times a month, happy hours, parties in the clubhouse, football watch parties, etc. Go to these and meet your neighbors. Any chance you get to hang out with people you work with, GO!! GET OUT!!! Whether it’s a happy hour or volunteering, go do it and introduce yourself to as many people as you can. Go out to bars, even if you aren’t a big drinker, go and drink water, but GO!! GET OUT!!! Dallas has so much to offer and so much to do, but it’s no fun alone. The more friends you have the better your experience here will be. Life is all about timing, being in the right place at the right time. That being said, the more places you go and the more opportunities you give yourself to be in that place at that perfect time, the better your chances are of finding some really golden relationships and memorable experiences. Think of a great novel you’ve read. Now think of your life in Dallas as the beginning of your new novel, guess what, you get to write it. Do you want to open it one day down the road and realize you wrote the same thing on all the pages? How boring is that? Or do you want to go back when you’re old and read a novel that was full of adventure and each chapter was unlike the one before it? It’s your choice! Make yourself do things you normally wouldn’t do, make the effort to meet new people. I promise you it will be well worth it. NOW GOOOOOO, GET OUT!!!!!!!! Keep it real…


  1. Is that picture up top the view from your apt?

  2. Nope, that was taken by my buddy from the roof of a business across the street from the Hunt Building. My place is about a block and a half from there.

  3. I don't blame all the other 49 states for emptying out into the Dallas/Fort Worth area, what with Fort Worth's majestic mountain ranges and Dallas's world-famous palm-lined beaches -- who WOULDN'T want to move here ?
    Pick a state, any state: Uuhh... Ok, New Hampshire ! Okay, This morning 5,000 people born and raised in ...New Hampshire... will wake up and decide, "Well, I guess I'll move to Dallas now, even tho I have NOTHING to do w/ the place, and don't know anyone there, but I've heard they need even more drivers on their already clogged-up freeways, so there can be traffic jams at midnight, much less during the day. Yessirreee, I'm moovin' t' Dallas for NO F*CKING reason, uh-HILK, uh-HILK!"
    Then they come and help us engage in "onlooker backups", where, like, if someone's on the side of the road changing a tire, everyone slams on their brakes so they can sit in their car and stare at it. And, Oh, Lord. Don't let it be an actual traffic incident. No Dallas driver is able to remember that a car has a gas pedal in that circumstance. The Dallas driver WILL keep sitting there in his car parked in the freeway lane, and will stare at the accident scene, looking for intestines, livers, sheets of human skin, or whatever it is they're hoping to see; a pyramid of baby heads, maybe. And until they see it, they're NOT moving. And so the D/FW area freeways stay locked up like this at all times, except after about 11 pm and before about 4 am.
    So yeah, y'know, keep on coming, you people from, like, Maine or whatever. Come help us sit in traffic in 105-degree heat. Make it so it takes an hour and a half to travel 5 miles instead of an hour like it does now.
    It's like "Close Encounters", where people are drawn to a certain place by some sort of force. There won't be anyone left in the other 49 states 10 years from now; they're all gonna be here.
    Someone in, freakin', like, Ohio, is carving a freeway with bumper-to-bumper cars on it out of mashed potatoes RIGHT NOW, and they'll be here in Dallas within 36 hours.

  4. if you want to meet people like you go to www.meetup.com and find a group you like and join. This is the fastest way to have fun with other folks that are new to town.